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dazed and confused

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 8:12 AM
slope by awjay
  Fly by H3ad0n
the green door by augenweide
Fitness Blog by alisinwonder  wave art by augenweide
children's toys by incolorwetrust
Essentials (Part 2) by Einsilbig  F30 by chriseastmids
B by aanddraa

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the Zeppelin song was stuck in my head.

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So college seemed to have taken up more of my time than I ever anticipated, but I'm hoping to save a little bit of my time next year just for this website :)

I apologize for not getting to you guys sooner, so I invite all of you to resubmit your work and I'll get to them as soon as possible!
redhaired saddness. by BlackDennie
Joy Division by analogphotoWhitebox by Izaaaaa

* * * by wyrazobcyForest of Desire - jewelry for GOCC by play-my-game
Isabella III by Alessia-Izzo
like milk by bubble-gum-heartvia aristotelis by i-m-light
This should be the place by agnes-cecile
spontaneous combustion. by Sea-of-IceTrunks by JillAuville
Her Dreamscape by iNeedChemicalX
Rope Drowsiness by NataliaDrepinain my color : 1 by pekipeki60minutes

Cloud Passages by readyo546463 by kosmodisk
swimming in rivers by vampire-zombie
665765 by kosmodisk---- by TokugawaLenari

So...due to hectic times here at college, I haven't been the most attentive group admin, and have let submissions slide for a few days. There are quite a few expired submissions in my messages, so feel free to resubmit (and I sincerely hope you do so.)
Arctic Night by Trichardsen
FORESTCROWN II by Sylfvrsomething restful about Death by laura-makabresku
Winter wind by Alessia-Izzo
Lotta by JanaCleveOcean's eleven by BelcyrPiotr
Romantic Nightmares II by Alessia-Izzo
Joanna's Dark by A-FinchKatya by Lileinaya
The Undisclosed Truth by iNeedChemicalX
Lily by Lileinayavia aristotelis by i-m-light
Wildflowers by iNeedChemicalX
via aristotelis by i-m-lightlove by m-vladimir
Sea Of Light by Trichardsen
p6 2 V by passingbird
Film - LXXIV - pattern by Picture-Bandit
Over Stormy Point no.13 by readyoueberschreitende Verwandtschaften by analogphoto
Summer.. by LaurentGiguere

quite frankly, I'm obsessed:…

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